Monday, 4 June 2012


This blog is introducing about festivals in vancouver that's one of my interests. This blog is really interesting because when they post about festival, they use either images or videos which are related to the festival. You can guess what festival is through those images.

The blogger usually posts new information twice a week. Contents are not too long and not too short. The blogger summarizes some important information such as where the festival take place, when, cost, and the festival website.

There are lots of links in this blog. Those links are related to each festival. If you are interested in specific festival, this link makes you easy to get the information.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hello, my name is Sujin Yoo and I'm from Korea. I'm interested in festivals in Vancouver because I heard that Vancouver has a lot of festivals especially in the summer. Before I came here, I was worried about living in vancouver because it is a big change in my life. So, I went to a bookstore and stared to read everybook that is about vancouver. I found one travel book that's called 'Enjoy Vancouver.' There was a lot of information about festivals in Vancouver. That informaion was really interesting! I was sitting on the chair and reading that book all day. So far, I have joined only one festival that is Vancouver Sun Run. It was really great experience for me. Now, I'm waiting for other awesome festivals!!